Rachel Skye is an exciting performer, dynamic instructor and fun person to hang out with.

Rachel Skye

Rachel Skye, owner of Studio Spin in Lancaster, PA, is an award-winning pole competitor, performer, seasoned pole dance instructor and PSO Unicorn (Pole Sport Organization Ambassador). Known for her powerhouse pole combos and b-girl-style floorwork, she inherited the nickname “Daredevil” early on in her pole dance career for her fearlessness towards learning new tricks. She won 1st Place in Level 5 Exotic at the 2017 PSO Liberty Pole Championships and 1st at the 2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon, Pro division; as well as awarded Miss Trickster.

She began pole dancing in 2009 as a new years resolution. She got the idea that pole dancing provided a great workout from a TV show. She took to pole very quickly and started teaching just four months later! She hails from a diverse background of step aerobics, gymnastics, kickboxing and extreme sports. Having a passion for dance and adrenaline all her life, pole dancing seemed like the next best thing! And whether it’s jumping out of perfectly good airplanes or flipping upside down on street poles, she loves being up in the air!

Rachel began competing and performing in 2011 and has collected a plethora of awards since. She has been featured on VH1, music videos and film; and performs regularly for special events, night clubs and fundraisers. When she’s not busy with pole, you can find her working on film sets, both behind and in front of the camera. In 2012, she choreographed a burlesque scene for the dark short film, “Princess Dancer.” Rachel is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, has trained with some of the top pole dancers in the world and continues her training to stay up-to-date on pole safety.

In 2011, Rachel began producing Kinetic Poetry — a theatrical fusion of acrobatic dance and slam poetry that took place at Albright College in her hometown of Reading, PA. The show successfully ran for three years. In 2013, she opened up her own pole dance studio, Studio Spin, in Lancaster, PA.

Following her love for producing events, she wanted to raise money for Breast Cancer and hosted the first Save The Tassels in October of 2015. The event, a vaudeville-style show featuring burlesque and aerial performers, has raised over $4,200 to date for BreastCancer.org.

2019 PSO Liberty Pole Championships – 2nd Place, L5 Low Flow & Floorwork
2019 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – 4th Place, L5 Exotic
2019 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – Judge
2018 PSO Atlantic Pole Championships – Judge
2017 PSO Liberty Pole Championships – 1st Place, L5 Exotic
2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon – 1st Place, Pro Division
2016 Lehigh Valley Polathon – Miss Trickster Award
2015 Lehigh Valley Polathon – 3rd Place, Pro Division
2014 Supershag Pole Fitness Championships – 1st Place, Gold Division
2014 Lehigh Valley Polathon – 2nd Place, Pro Division
2014 Lehigh Valley Polathon – Miss Grace Award & Audience Choice Award
2013 Lehigh Valley Pole Fitness Championships – 3rd Place, Pro Division
2012 Lehigh Valley Pole Fitness Championships – 2nd Place, Pro Division