Fitness Pole Dancers vs Club Pole Dancers

Rachel Skye

Okay clearly there is an ongoing battle between “fitness pole dancers” and “club pole dancers” happening on the internet right now. I’m not one to get all PC and start a rant, but I would like to express my personal opinion on this issue.

I am a pole dancer. I happily accept the fact that pole dance has derived from dancing in strip clubs. I happily answer people when they ask me if I’m a stripper just because I pole dance. I don’t correct them because I am trying to distance myself from the sex industry, I correct them because factually, I started pole dancing in a dance studio. I enjoy the sensual side of pole dance. But I also enjoy the acrobatic side of pole dance (being an ex kid gymnast). I love the fact that women (and men) can come to terms with their sexuality be it through pole dance, or something else. I love the fact that women (and men) can come to terms with their fitness and health, be it through pole dance or something else.

Why are strippers subjected to subordination? They work on 100% commission. Would you work your day job on 100% commission? You can call them hustlers…but guess what? What is any other salesman if not a hustler.

The 2nd thing that bugs me, is people automatically assume that you have to dance sexy around the pole. The beauty of pole dance, is that you can dance however you feel around the pole. There are so many ways to express yourself through dance.

Finally the 3rd thing that bothers me, is people automatically assume that dancing sensually has to include a pole. Sensual dancing is almost as old as the world. It just so happens that one woman started to dance sensually around a pole one day and it just stuck.

So my point is this….Just let pole be what you want (or need) it to be and stop trying to compare it to something else. There is no need to justify doing something you enjoy. Stop trying to argue with people about what you AREN’T and just focus on who you ARE.

Feel free to SHARE your own personal opinion on this issue. The operative word being “share” and not “argue.”

Now I will leave you with this fabulous video that Sienna Spalding submitted for Bringing Sexy Back 2014. And guess what…she didn’t need a pole to dance sensually. Props to you boo boo!