Pimps n’ Hoes

This past weekend was epic. Which is to be expected at the annual Hookers Masquerade Ball in Roanoke, VA. This was my 3rd year performing for this event and I always look forward to the shenanigans that inevitably occur. My pole dancing pal Ryssa and I “roadtripped” down to Virginia Friday night–a 5-hour drive. And we only stopped once for a pee break. We met up with our favorite male poler, Ben “Beardy McPoler” at the hotel along with his pole hoes in tow, Rachel and Amanda. While Ben, Ryssa and I are veteran HMB-goers, this was Rachel and Amanda’s first time at this event. We started the weekend off with dinner and drinks at Red Robin. Followed by a morning pole jam in the party room.

Bad Kitty sun glasses

Later on in the day, I headed over to Arete Pole Fitness in Salem, VA to teach a choreography workshop. I love teaching “abroad!”

Arete Pole Fitness

Although I missed the afternoon pole photo shoot back at the hotel, I had a great time teaching!

I got back to the hotel just in time to get ready for the night’s craziness. Around 9pm, we headed on in to the party which was conveniently located in the hotel we were staying in.

with Pimp DaddyAlong with the pole dancing entertainment, there were also male dancers from Richmond’s Finest entertaining the ladies all night long. Unfortunately, they were not the same cool guys that were there last year. I was curious to meet the male dancers this year, but they were too cool for school and kept to themselves…and their  drunk harem of women. But no bother, we had a blast pole dancing all night. I was surprised by how many of the party-goers actually appreciated our athleticism (and sexiness) with tips. 😉 I used to get annoyed when people tried to tip me when ever I performed. But now I don’t care. Hey I work hard, and dance hard! So there’s nothing wrong with a little gratitude. Just don’t expect me to take off my clothes for your $1 tip! In addition to lots of tips, we had plenty of photo opportunities. I felt like a little celeb (pun intended!).

There was plenty of entertainment for us though. Lots of drunk wannabe exotic dancers. There were ‘party poles’ scattered around for them to dry hump on. And even though it was a pimp-n-ho party, there were plenty of women who were barely covered. I was waiting for some boobs to pop out.

It’s amazing how fast four hours of pole dancing goes by. I didn’t even feel tired. Maybe it was the adrenaline. I feed off the energy of people. The more people, the more adrenaline kicks in! In true HMB tradition, we ended the night with with a call to Domino’s Pizza. And  the same delivery girl delivers our pizza every year.

I was really looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday, but the forecast changed from sunny weather to a Nor’easter! And so we had to skip town early to try to avoid it. But as we drove home, we got stuck in the middle of it anyways. And it was a bitch getting home! I absolutely hate driving in snow. But I hit the jackpot on this one. In addition to snow, I also got to drive through freezing rain and sleet! It was very scary but we made it home safe. Thankfully! And that wraps up another Hookers Masquerade Ball! Until next year!