Hello Tigress, I'm Rachel!

Fierce Confidence coach, small business owner, master pole dance instructor, sensual mover, Enneagram 3 and an extroverted Gemini!

But for reals,

I’m passionate about inspiring women to embrace their full vibracious selves. That means knowing who the eff you are–unafraid to be the real you, loving and appreciating your sensual body, and empowering yourself to claim the life you want to live.

I wasn't born with confidence.

I distinctly remember being in 8th grade and realizing that I had the ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Meaning that if I wanted to talk to that boy at the roller skating rink, I had to go up to him and start a conversation out of thin air. Up until that monumental moment, the only way I met new people was by being surrounded by the armor of my friend group, which was both safe and limiting.

And that’s exactly what your comfort zone feels like. Safe…but limiting!

Had I continued to rely on my friend group to meet new people or make new friends, I never would’ve developed the confidence to talk to strangers on my own. Which is something I still do today and quite enjoy I might add! Did I mention I’m an extrovert?

Making that first solo connection at the roller skating rink was a turning point for me. I realized, oh it’s not that hard to just go up to someone and say “hi.” It felt exhilarating.

Little did I know that that defining moment of confidence would transcend into other aspects of my life.  

Fast forward to my mid 20s...

I started teaching pole dancing at a studio and go-go dancing for an entertainment company. I love dancing, so the go-go gig was pretty sweet.

While pole dancing boosted my body confidence, go-go dancing depleted it. Party promoters wouldn’t re-hire me because my body wasn’t “athletic” enough, meaning I was too fat for their taste. And so every time I wouldn’t get booked for a gig, I’d feel like absolute sh*t about my body. I was an entertaining dancer, but I guess none of that mattered if I didn’t have the “right” look…

This led me to developing an unhealthy relationship with my body. I became obsessed with my weight, starving myself if I wasn’t at my “goal weight”, and constantly seeking external validation.

Another turning point.

So how did I get to the body-loving, fierce, don’t-giva-sh*t-what-anyone-thinks, confident woman I am today?

To be honest, pole dancing…kinda.

What pole dance did, was give me the opportunity to discover and appreciate what my body was capable of, as well as develop trust in myself.

Trust was key for me. And that’s the key for you if you want to build more confidence in yourself.

You already possess the key, you might just need help finding it. And that’s what I will help you to do.

I teach confidence with a sensual approach.

Women are constantly being body and sex shamed by society and I see how that affects all aspects of their lives. 

I’ve made it my goal to help women find their voice, embrace their sexuality and become a force of nature!