Available workshops are listed below. To host a workshop, please send an email to for booking info.

Power Tricks Workshop


Rachel is known for her strength and it shows through her pole movement. Add some unique moves to your repertoire. Learn some of her signature tricks, favorite spin-to-inversions and dynamic power trick combos to rock the pole like a boss!

Prerequisite: aerial inverts and leg hangs.

Heel Break workshop


Bang out your inner B-girl in this acro floor workshop that combines Rachel’s two favorite styles of dancing–exotic floorwork and breakdance. Learn how to combine exotic floorwork such as heel bangs, slides and crawls with classic break dance maneuvers. This workshop will utilize your shoulder rolls, shoulder stands and hand balances.

We will begin with a series of exercises to strengthen and build muscle memory in the ankles. Having strong ankles is key to executing these moves safely. You will learn a variety of breakdance-inspired movements that can be pieced together in multiple combinations for a totally unique style.

Requirements: platform heels and knee pads.

Exotic Acro workshop


Dance like an exotic badass in this workshop that focuses on acrobatic movement utilizing lower 3rd pole and floorwork in heels! Learn creative ways to thread and flip around the pole. These movement sequences can be broken up or pieced together for one continuous bad ass flow. Proper ankle engagement is key to being able to float across the floor in heels. Ankle exercises will be utilized in the warm-up.

Prerequisite: shoulder rolls and shoulder stands.
Requirements: platform heels and knee pads.