Let’s Talk About Trust Bae-Bee

Let’s talk about trust in romantic relationships. If you find yourself policing who your partner can and can’t talk to or follow on social media, then why are you in a relationship with this person? 

Trusting your partner to make their own choices is a sign of a mature and healthy partnership.

Okay so say that you do trust your partner, but still feel the need to do these things, what kinds of trust issues or insecurities are going unchecked? In which case, I ask again: why are you in a relationship with someone??

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust. It’s not fair to your partner to take ownership over YOUR trust issues. That’s on you babe! Take care of yourself first before committing to a partnership if you ever expect to feel at peace with your partner. 

There’s no need to tell your partner who they can be friends with or follow on social media if you both are being honest and faithful to one another. Remember, a healthy relationship is one where both partners feel secure, respected, and valued. 

Healing from trust issues before entering into a serious relationship is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Steering Clear of Old Baggage: Dealing with past trust issues helps you leave behind any lingering emotional baggage that might mess with your current relationship.

  2. Laying Down a Solid Trust Foundation: Trust is like the concrete slab of a good relationship. If you’ve got trust issues hanging around, it’s like trying to build on shaky ground.

  3. Being Fair to Your Partner: Your new partner shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of someone else. It’s only fair to give them a fair shot without the weight of your old trust issues.

  4. Keeping the Emotional Channels Open: Baggage from old trust issues can clog up the communication pipes. Getting rid of it helps keep the lines open for honest and meaningful conversations.

  5. Being Present and Accounted For: Letting go of trust issues lets you show up fully in your relationship. No more holding back emotionally – it’s time to be all in.

  6. Growing into a Better You: Healing from trust issues is like a personal growth spurt. You learn from the past, get stronger, and come out the other side more resilient and self-assured.

  7. Breaking Free from the Distrust Cycle: Carrying around old trust issues can create a cycle of doubt in new relationships. Taking time to heal ensures you don’t drag that baggage along for the ride.

  8. Creating a Safe Space for Love to Flourish: Your relationship should be a safe haven where both of you feel cherished and supported. Healing from trust issues creates that space where love can truly thrive.

Talk about your concerns, insecurities, and feelings. Listen to your partner’s perspective too. That’s how you build a strong relationship. Encourage each other to maintain friendships outside of the relationship. A diverse social circle enriches our experiences and allows us to learn from others.