Are Our New Years Resolutions B.S.?!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of new years resolutions. Why, you may ask? Because I’m not interested in using the new year as an excuse to give up on last year’s goals all in the name of starting “fresh” in the new year.

This doesn’t mean that I’m against setting goals. By all means, setting goals is a great way to track your progress along this journey we call life. I digress… 

What I’m interested in knowing about, is the why behind your goals or new years resolutions. I see this constantly every January…women declaring goals of getting into shape, working out, eating better, and so on and so on. But what is the motivation behind setting this goal?  Is it for your benefit…or the benefit of someone else? Are you putting in all that effort so you can feel comfortable around someone else?? I know you know what I mean ladies. 

If getting into shape, eating healthier is something YOU feel you want to do, to feel better in your own body, by all means go for it! You only have one body after all. 

However, if someone else has made you feel bad about your body and thus you feel the need to do something to appease that person, or to feel “sexier” in front of that person, you’re just going to feel resentful every time you go to the gym, or hit play on your online fitness subscription.  

And say you even achieve the “sexy” body that you “wanted”, are you really going to feel any different about yourself? Because chances are, you may still see yourself in the mirror as not enough. And feeling ‘not enough’ is an endless pit. A losing battle. So my point is this: when declaring self-improvement goals, consider who you’re doing this for. Is for you…or someone else?

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