Stop Perpetuating This Harmful Narrative

Today, I’m spilling some truth about a tired old narrative that’s held us captive for way too damn long – the idea that a woman’s worth diminishes the older she gets. As if our youth is the only currency we got. 👎 

And it isn’t just men perpetuating this narrative. Women have bought into it too! How, you may ask? By thinking it’s rude to ask a woman her age.

I mean how often have you heard that belief floating around? Just the other week, I ran into a female friend who I haven’t talked to in a while. And as we were catching up, she asked me for permission to ask my age. WTF? Honey, it ain’t like you’re asking for someone’s social security number! 

Age is a number, the amount of time you’ve lived on this earth. It’s a badge of honor. To live another day, another year…age is a gift!  Let’s celebrate our life and be proud of our age. So if you already share your age openly, kudos to you woman! If you feel shy or embarrassed to share your age, I challenge you to get over that fear. Own your age!

Normalize the fact that women age (just like men).  Our value isn’t age-bound; it’s a badass mosaic of lessons learned, laughs, and authenticity.  So let’s ditch the politeness around age. Asking isn’t rude; it’s a testament to the life you’ve lived! Own your story with a fierce roar and unstoppable self-love my tigress!