Your Heart Is Full Of Sh*t

Say what now?! I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the heart wants what it wants.“ And to a certain degree, that can work in your favor. BUT a lot of times, the heart can’t discern what is good or bad for you. This is where your gut, intuition and defined values comes in handy.

Your heart is full of sh*t

If your heart is saying yes to something that you know in your head is wrong for you, ask yourself: “why do I want this?” And see what comes up for you.

You see your values are your guiding light to maintaining a fulfilling life. And your boundaries are what help keep your values intact. 

So if you’re willing to go against the values and boundaries that you’ve set for yourself, you better be willing to take full responsibility for your decisions if things go south. No victim blaming. 

If you’re unsure what your values are or how to create boundaries around them, continue scrolling down and click on the Learn More button. One of the pillars of the Fierce Confidence program is Establishing Boundaries. This is a key component in building full confidence in yourself!

Photo credit: Olivier Collet