Nail That Job Interview!

Nail that Job interview, Rachel Skye

Are you actively job seeking? This message is for you boo!
I encourage you to take on this mindset: you are the perfect candidate for this position, no one else is more qualified than you, it’s in the bag!
Embodying this mindset will be reflected in your posture and the way that you speak. You’re gonna walk into that office full of confidence. It’s going to show through in the way that you carry yourself and the way that you speak. And will give you a leg up on the competition.  
As someone who has conducted job interviews, I definitely look at an interviewee’s posture. If they appear very confident in themselves and their job skills, I am more inclined to hire that person.
So, go ahead and own it girl! I have faith that you will do great. Good luck!

“I’m the best candidate for this position. How could they NOT hire me?!”