Don’t Wait On Your Bestie To Live Your Best Life

Don’t wait on your bestie to live your best life. And what do I mean by this?Working at a dance studio, I talk to lots of people on the phone about our classes. And one of the common objections I hear why someone can’t sign up right now, is they’re too nervous to take the class alone and are waiting to hear back from their friend. 

The problem with this is that you are effectively depriving yourself of the opportunity because you’re waiting on another person to decide whether or not you get to experience the thing you want to experience.  

I understand that it can be nerve-wracking to go somewhere or do something new without a familiar face. I get it. 

But what happens when your friend isn’t available and you’re waiting and waiting for that friend to go with you? Is it really worth missing out on something you really want to do just to have someone there with you? (And let’s be real, your friend may not even be that interested in it the same way you are.)  

Bottom line…if it’s something you really wanna do, go out and effin’ do it! Don’t wait on someone else. I guarantee you, that if it’s something you’re really looking forward to and you know you’re going to enjoy, why put that on hold? 

Why not do it right now? Why not stretch beyond your comfort zone and sign up for the experience without your friend!

“Doing something on my own can feel liberating.”

Photo Credit: Guilherme Stecanella