Stop Validating Your Worth Through Other People

Fierce Confidence

I say this with all my love and care for you ladies. I know how good it feels when a person compliments you, says ‘I want you’ or ‘I love you’. We’re human. We love that hit of dopamine when someone says something nice to us. It can literally feel addicting. But do you find yourself waiting for those compliments or affirming statements from others in order to feel good about yourself? Or worse–seek out that toxic person who you know will tell you ‘you’re hot and amazing’, (but it’s really just a ploy to sleep with you.)

When we don’t intentionally value ourselves on a high level, we seek out other ways to ‘give us value.’ Which can result in perpetuating toxic relationships, destructive behaviors, feeling trapped or losing your identity.

The good news is that you have the power to break this cycle. You just need the tools to access that power. If you’re ready to learn how to love and appreciate yourself first without relying on anyone or anything else, but with the boldest confidence in the world, I would love to support you.

Join me in the Fierce Confidence 6-week program. During these 6 weeks, we will take a deep dive into the story that causes you to seek validation and deconstruct the f*** out of it! We will explore pleasure within our bodies through movement to create new neural pathways. All with the intention of creating a confident mindset that will allow you to live fiercely and liberated.

When: Saturdays at 11:30am, September 9 – October 14
Where: Studio Spin, 211 N Ann St, Lancaster, PA

Photo Credit: Tri Vo