Are You The Nice Girl Or The Bitch?

This week’s false belief that I’m myth busting is the belief that women are supposed to be nice. And if we’re not nice, we’re considered a bitch…which is bad. 

I call 💩💩!! 

What’s ridiculous about this, is that there is a full spectrum of emotions and feelings that live between nice and bitch. And yet we are assigned to either nice or bitch as if we are just a two-dimensional being. 

I personally believe that “nice” is just a nice way to refer to being “submissive.” Women are expected to be submissive, accommodating and quiet. And not just by men, but by other women as well. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. And I’ve had to check myself! 

And a bitch is what we get called…when we are not submissive, when we express an opinion that opposes the popular narrative, when we say no, when we prioritize our well-being first. I mean are those things really considered “bitchy” or are we just exercising our autonomy as women?  

So I encourage you not to think of yourself as one or the other. You are a multi-dimensional being! You can be kind and still hold firm on your boundaries. You can be empathetic and still say no. You can be fierce and understanding. But one thing I encourage you NOT to be: is submissive to society.

“I am a multi-dimensional, beautiful being!”