Are You A Loose Woman?

I remember hearing a guy tell me this joke about loose women when I was 19 years old…”it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway and hoping to hit one of the walls.”

You might be wondering what in the heck am I talking about here. There is a myth that if a woman has many sexual partners, she will become loose, meaning her vaginal walls will become stretched out making it more difficult for a man to enjoy sex with her.

I actually bought into the “loose woman” myth when I was younger. I hoped I would never become “loose”.

As I got older and wiser and actually learned about my own anatomy (no thanks to my high school health class), I realized oh this is just another way for the patriarchy to shame women’s bodies and sexuality.

Why would a woman’s vagina’s size change from sex with multiple sex partners yet a man’s penis size NEVER changes? 🤔🤨

Let’s look at this logically. What is the difference between a woman having sex one time with 100 different men, verses a woman having sex 100 times with the same man? Same amount of sex, different amount of partners. And yet she is considered “loose” if she’s been with multiple partners. Total bullsh*t!

Here’s a little anatomy lesson. Just like penises come in different shapes and sizes, so do vaginas. Our vaginas are just as unique as the rest of our bodies. I’m willing to bet that a woman with a longer vagina is going to prefer a larger penis. And a woman with a shorter vagina is going to prefer a smaller penis.

There is no perfect size. One size does not satisfy all.

Soooo my dear tigresses, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your vagina. If a man accuses you of being “too loose” for him, tell him maybe his dick shrank from sex with too many women. A respectful man would never shame your body. And even if it came down to the fact that you two aren’t a good “fit” for one another, you can have an honest conversation about that without body shaming.