Do Your Needs Matter?

Do you constantly feel pressured to put everyone else’s needs above your own? 

Moms, I’m speaking to you too! I know, that you know what this feels like. God forbid you put one of your needs before your children’s and be ‘mom-shamed’ by the PTA. 

But what’s the problem with a mom putting everyone else’s needs above her own? Doesn’t that make you mom of the year?

The problem with tabling your needs Moms, is that you are effectively teaching your daughter (and son) by example that her wants and needs are not important, to not voice her opinion or speak up when something is wrong. And thus perpetuating this narrative that women’s wants and needs are not important.

If you want to be a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend, a better co-worker, a better boss…you need to take care of yourself first.

💥You can’t give wholeheartedly to others without giving to yourself first. 

💥You can’t cheer others on wholeheartedly without cheering yourself on first. 

💥You can’t take care of others wholeheartedly without taking care of yourself first. 

💥You can’t love others wholeheartedly without loving yourself first. 

It’s not selfish to want to improve yourself, to want to become a better version of yourself. If anything, you are making your social circle that much better of a place to be–for you and everybody in it!

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