Turn Yourself On

Rachel Skye, confidence coach for women

This week, let’s talk about how YOU can turn YOURSELF on. 💡

Rachel Skye, confidence coach for women


You do not need someone else in order to be turned on or to feel turned. You can do that all by yourself girl!

Sure, it feels good to be turned on by someone else. But you hold the power to your own turn on. You don’t need to wait for your partner, FWB or a stranger at the bar to make you feel all those electric tingles up and down your body.  

Let me share one method with you: touch. And here’s out it works.

Simply take your hands and trace your skin. Trace your legs, your arms, your breasts. Trace all over your body and pay attention to the sensations. You might be pleasantly surprised by how you feel afterwards.

‘Turned on’ energy is very powerful.

It can make you feel good about yourself, inspire productivity, and even give you a boost of confidence.