Are you worth spending money on?

Money Mindset
Let’s talk about MONEY. 💸 

How much are you willing to spend on yourself? 

At what price point do you consider something to be expensive? 

And does that threshold change depending on who or what you’re spending it on? 

For example, you may have no problem spending $100 on groceries. Why? Probably because you value having food to eat. But when it comes to spending or investing $100 on yourself, this is where I see a lot of women afraid to spend that same amount of money on themselves.  

You know who you are! 

And you’ll use the excuse that it’s too expensive. But is it really? Or is it because you don’t deem yourself valuable enough to have it?  

Did I just hit a nerve? 😵 

So let’s break down this concept of ‘expensive’. It’s not about the price tag but about the value we assign to something. After all, currency is just an exchange of energy. It’s constantly being moved and changed.   

So if you don’t feel comfortable spending an ‘expensive’ amount of money on yourself, what does that say about how much you value yourself?  Something to think about…