How Do We Love ALL Of Ourselves?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope today’s Hallmark holiday serves as a reminder to love yourself just as much (if not more) as you love your loved ones. But sometimes it can feel difficult to fully love all of ourselves, right? So today I’d like to offer tips on how to love the parts of ourselves that we feel shameful or embarrassed about. 💜 

It’s an intentional practice to love all of yourself. And it’s not always easy. The first thing I would offer is to give yourself grace. Acknowledge your feelings without judgment, and know that those emotions are not a reflection of who you are as a whole person.  

The next thing I would encourage is to challenge the narrative that you’ve built up around these parts of yourself. Whatever happened that caused you to feel this way, reframe the narrative by viewing how these so-called shameful or embarrassing parts of yourself have contributed to your uniqueness and resilience or even lessons learned!  

Here’s an example from my own life… I used to feel incredibly self-conscious about my stomach. I always kept it covered because I felt like it didn’t deserve to be seen. It didn’t look the way an “ideal” stomach should look. 👀 Over the years, I came to challenge the narrative about my stomach.
The truth is that I have very strong, abdomen muscles and a short torso. Regardless of how much I work out, I’m still going to have rolls in my stomach when I sit down. This DOES NOT make me any less desirable of a person. My strong abdomen has kept me safe when I’m doing physical things! And I’m eternally grateful for my short, wide torso. Whenever I’m tempted to speak down to any part of myself, I immediately thank that part of me that has contributed to my growth as a human.

If you feel like you’re stuck in these negative shame stories, I invite you to join me in my Fierce Confidence program! Keep scrolling down for more deets! ✨
What are some ways that you have overcome feeling shameful or embarrassed about parts of yourself? Share your experience with me by sending me an email! I will respond back!