Love Yourself As Much As…

Have you ever heard of that bible verse that says “Love thy neighbor as thyself”? Ya know the one that you might see painted on a slab of driftwood hanging up in a conservative home goods store?

Well I’m gonna offer a little sidebar to that verse… So I’m currently reading through the bible chronologically and that verse came up….and it got me thinking. That is one great piece of advice to live by however it’s under the assumption that you are fully loving yourself and are loyal to your needs first and want to extend that same love and care to others. 

But often times we, as women, give more love and loyalty to others than we allow ourselves to receive. It’s kinda flipped. We would bend over backwards to make someone else happy even if it’s at the cost of our own happiness…on the regular

So in the essence of self love and Jesus’s wise words, I invite you to love yourself just as much as you love others. Be loyal to yourself just as much as you are loyal to others. Hold yourself accountable just as much as you hold others accountable. And honor your needs just as much as you honor others’ needs.