Pick-Me Behavior Pick me behavior, Fierce Wisdom Wednesday

Pick-Me Behavior

So…let’s talk about ‘Pick-me’ behavior. Specifically the difference between being chosen from a place of intention, verses being chosen out of convenience.   A couple of weeks ago I saw this funny Instagram reel of a woman dancing in a club with ‘Shrek’ dancing up behind her–unbeknownst to her. And her friends begin to signal to […]

Don’t Wait On Your Bestie To Live Your Best Life

Don’t Wait On Your Bestie To Live Your Best Life

Don’t wait on your bestie to live your best life. And what do I mean by this?Working at a dance studio, I talk to lots of people on the phone about our classes. And one of the common objections I hear why someone can’t sign up right now, is they’re too nervous to take the […]

Are You The Mean Boss? Are you the mean boss? Rachel Skye

Are You The Mean Boss?

Are you in a leadership role in a corporate or fast-paced environment where you feel like you have to be tough in order to get respect?  While there might be many reasons that lead a person to being that mean boss at work, I’m wondering if it’s coming from a place of insecurity. Do you lack […]

Success Follows Happiness…Not the Other Way Around Success follows happiness, Rachel Skye

Success Follows Happiness…Not the Other Way Around

How often do you feel the need to be successful at your job, career or goals in order to be happy?  As an Enneagram 3, I struggle hard with this one! I naturally tend to measure my self worth by how successful I am at my job, achieving my goals, and receiving accolades. I thrive on […]

Expired Relationships Expired relationships, Rachel Skye

Expired Relationships

Let’s talk about the relationships in our lives. How do you know if you are you attached to a relationship that has gone stale? Let’s explore some scenarios…  ⛔Do you feel like you cannot be open and honest with this person, that you cannot share your real thoughts and feelings? Kinda feels like you’re walking on […]

Consuming Vs. Embodying Consuming vs. Embodying, Rachel Skye

Consuming Vs. Embodying

When you can get a date online by simply swiping right, shop online with 2-day delivery, have food delivered to your house from your favorite restaurant, it’s easy to say we live in a convenient, consumerist environment. We’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. No waiting, no processing, no nourishing. This impacts our ability to fully […]

Do Your Needs Matter? omar lopez, Fierce Confidence

Do Your Needs Matter?

Do you constantly feel pressured to put everyone else’s needs above your own?  Moms, I’m speaking to you too! I know, that you know what this feels like. God forbid you put one of your needs before your children’s and be ‘mom-shamed’ by the PTA.  But what’s the problem with a mom putting everyone else’s […]