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Expired Relationships Expired relationships, Rachel Skye

Expired Relationships

Let’s talk about the relationships in our lives. How do you know if you are you attached to a relationship that has gone stale? Let’s explore some scenarios…  ⛔Do you feel like you cannot be open and honest with this person, that you cannot share your real thoughts and feelings? Kinda feels like you’re walking on […]

Consuming Vs. Embodying Consuming vs. Embodying, Rachel Skye

Consuming Vs. Embodying

When you can get a date online by simply swiping right, shop online with 2-day delivery, have food delivered to your house from your favorite restaurant, it’s easy to say we live in a convenient, consumerist environment. We’ve become accustomed to instant gratification. No waiting, no processing, no nourishing. This impacts our ability to fully […]

Do Your Needs Matter? omar lopez, Fierce Confidence

Do Your Needs Matter?

Do you constantly feel pressured to put everyone else’s needs above your own?  Moms, I’m speaking to you too! I know, that you know what this feels like. God forbid you put one of your needs before your children’s and be ‘mom-shamed’ by the PTA.  But what’s the problem with a mom putting everyone else’s […]

Single over 30?

Single over 30?

This month I’m focusing on the false beliefs that society would us believe about women. And exposing the 💩 behind them.  Starting with the false belief that if you’re over the age of 30 (or some other arbitrary number) and single, that something is wrong with you or you are un-lovable.   I call 💩💩!!  It’s […]

Turn Yourself On Rachel Skye, confidence coach for women

Turn Yourself On

This week, let’s talk about how YOU can turn YOURSELF on. 💡 TRUTH BOMB! 💥 You do not need someone else in order to be turned on or to feel turned. You can do that all by yourself girl! Sure, it feels good to be turned on by someone else. But you hold the power […]

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

I’m kicking off this week talking about the fear of rejection. (Cue the dun dun DUN music!) Specifically speaking about interpersonal relationships–whether that’s plutonic friendships or romantic partnerships. I’m currently reading a book called The Pivot Year by Brianna Wiest. (shout out to one of my FC clients Hannah for so generously gifting me with this book!) One of […]